Water ingress can lead to catastrophic damage to buildings or other types of structures. Ensuring water-tightness of properties enhances the comfort, safety, and health of residents, while prolonging the durability of built assets.

Water seepage or water penetration can affect new or old properties without discrimination. It can undermine the foundations of a building and contribute to the formation of concrete cancers. It can lead to the spread of mold and mildew, damage painted surfaces (making them unsightly) and cause cracking or crumbling in wall rendering.

Water ingress can originate from a range of sources such as: rain, rising damp from damp substrates; intentional water immersion (e.g. in shower recesses or basins); and faulty or failing plumbing. In most instances water enters properties because of failure at joint sealants; damp courses; roof membranes; cavity flashing; over cladding or incorrect falls in roofs or external floor areas.

Trademark Restoration Services specialise in all major forms of waterproofing. Our interior waterproofing services include: bathrooms, shower repairs, laundries and basements. Our external waterproofing services encompass: balconies or terraces, flat rooftops, roof repairs, water tanks or water detention systems, swimming pools, water features and planting areas adjoining prone buildings or structures.

Businesses, property managers and homeowners can trust Trademark Restoration Services to assist in moisture control and water penetration prevention. As always we promise quality materials and quality workmanship, covering comprehensive waterproofing situations with the relevant expertise so that you no longer have to worry about water ingresses.

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