facade restoration

If first impressions are important, then the facade of your business or residential building should be one of your first priorities. Renter, buyer, employee, client or customer decisions may be strongly influenced by the state of your Facade. It is all about perception!

Aside from portraying your business or residence in a more attractive light, a facade restoration can preserve original or heritage features, or it can, modernise an ageing or out-dated building (i.e. where refurbishment is cheaper and more practical than rebuilding, or just preferable to re-locating). Preservation or modernisation hence extend the working life of a property and increase its value (e.g. sales price and rent expectations).

At Trademark Restoration Services we understand how important it is to get your facade restoration right. We have designed our facade restoration services to make your building more appealing to residents or visitors. We also incorporate elements of our building repair and waterproofing services to ensure that your facade does everything else its supposed to do – make your building safer, stronger, more durable, windproof, and dustproof.

Depending on the state of your building, your budget, and any unique requirements, our facade restoration services can entail repairs or restorations to, or replacement of: window systems and doors; flaking or bubbling paint; concrete and masonry; eroded or weakened mortar; balcony railings; cornices and; other artistic designs or features.

Our specialists also have experience with facade cleaning; facade carpentry; weather-shielding; decorative finishes and surface coatings; as well rendering or tuckpointing.

Whether you have a warehouse in the middle of an industrial complex, multi-unit residential complex near the beach or a commercial building in the CBD, Trademark Restoration Services has the expertise to assist you.

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