Concrete Repairs

Our concrete repair services are designed to counteract all forms of concrete deterioration, focusing predominately on concrete cancer (or concrete spalling) occurring in private and commercial properties or structures.

Although concrete cancer sounds scary, its risks and costs can be minimised if caught and addressed at an early stage. Left untreated concrete cancer, which may start with small cracks or minimal crumbling, can spread causing extensive and extremely expensive structural damage.

As concrete cancer generally arises from the corrosion of reinforced concrete elements – that are subjected to aggressive environmental or atmospheric conditions (including water penetration and rusting), repairs require a company that can handle several critical and specialised repair functions so that the concrete cancer does not resurface.

Trademark Restoration Services specialise in traditional hand applied concrete repair techniques as well as state-of-the-art repair procedures such as hydro-demoltion and gunite repair.

Our expertise includes the use of electrochemical techniques such as cathodic protection and cathodic prevention (using specialised titanium and zinc anodes) to ensure that corrosion is totally stopped in the reinforced concrete elements of your building or structure.

Simply stated, we remove damaged concrete, repair rusting steel reinforcements (chemically preventing spread) and replace concrete and rendering.

Combined with expertise from our other services, e.g. waterproofing, our repair approach is comprehensively effective and reinstates the confidence our clients have in the strength and durability of their concrete assets.

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