Bulding Repairs

Building repairs may be required on an asset as a result of: ageing, environmental impact, accidental damage, change of use, or even because of under-design, or error at the time of construction. Regardless of the reason Trademark Restoration Services is available to advise you on the best course of action.

Our building repair services generally focus on external or structural components to a building. This may include repairs to: concrete slabs; foundations or underpinnings; brickwork; roofing; and support beams or columns. We can also assist with termite damage, sub-floor ventilation and cases of rising damp.

The main purpose of our building repair services is to rectify building problems before they become dangerous to the health and well-being of residents or tenants. A strong focus is on strengthening structures, and eliminating things such as excessive moisture, which could otherwise be detrimental to the health of people residing in the property and, diminish the value of the property.

Naturally our building repair services may be complemented by some more visual or aesthetic services such as facade restorations and internal renovations or remodels. All repairs, restorations and renovations are completed using quality materials, up-to-date or innovative techniques, and reputable specialists so that you get a Trademark only solution to your problem.

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